Recon Inspection Ltd. specializes in the inspection of fixed assets in oil, gas, potash, utility, specialty chemical and fabrication industries.  We provide inspection services, inspection planning, and maintenance program development for piping, storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, and structural equipment.  Our crews identify defects (RECON-naissance), provide RECON-struction support, and develop repair RECON-mendations for out-of-service and in-service inspections.  We provide accurate inspection results using specialized inspection techniques such as Ultrasonics (UT1 and UT2, TOF, AUT, PAUT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Pentrant Testing (LPI/PT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Laser Scanning, NACE and Visual Inspection techniques (API / NB / CWB).   We have a fully operational and certified Irata program (Rope Access) to obtain data and results from any location and to reduce costs associated with difficult access locations.  Our rope access technicians are world leaders in rigging, rescue, and associated documentation.

Recon provides competitive pricing, high-level reporting and 5 years of company operations with zero lost time incidents (ISNet).  Our inspectors have many years of experience in their respective fields and are provided with competitive wages to allow for the highest levels of work satisfaction with low turn over.




(Rope Access UT Scanning / Pit gauging / Failed previous coating repair / PT on stainless anchor / Berm capacity / Visual inspection)

Recon uses 2 main offices to reduce travel costs and we have worked all over North America in a wide range of uses.

Tanks, silos, bins and storage containers – API 653 / 650 / D55

Pressure piping, burners, towers, exchangers, reactors, crushers, separators and vessels – API 570 / 510 / IPV / ABSA

Piping, flanges, bolting, alignment, gaskets, PSV, PSVR, Vents – API 510, Z662 / 663

Quality control / Quality Assurance (QA / QC)

Inspection of welds, fittings and connections – CWB

Epoxy coating failure and damages – NACE

Berm capacity with laser scanning – D55