Coatings and Insulations

Coatings and insulations are amongst the most critical components to overall asset integrity. Visual inspection, holiday testing, surface preparation, bonding, application, repairs, and recommendations under the supervision of qualified QA/QC personnel are essential to the success of the applied coating.

Certification Requirements:

  • NACE level 1, 2, 3 for inspection & applications.
  • Coating application experience.
  • Media Blast for removals.
  • Irata level 1, and 2, with 3.

Coating Applications:

Rope access is an effective method to do coating repairs and replacements in tight windows.

Coating Inspection:

Visual inspection is the most effective method to inspect coatings. This should be reinforced with holiday testing, thickness measurements (DFT/WFT), environmental controls, proper surface conditions, and QA/QC during the application and inspection periods.

Coating Inspection and Application Results:

  • Application in accordance with governing standards.
  • Adequate surface preparation.
  • Maximized coating life.
  • Repairs to achieve intended service cycles.

Insulation Inspection:

Corrosion under insulation can have a detrimental effect on equipment.

Inspection Planning Checklist:

Asset ComponentRequired Action
Type of CoatingVerify through company records, nameplate data and drawings.
Dry Film ThicknessMeasured with a coating thickness gauge.
Wet Film ThicknessWet film thickness gauge.
Visual DefectsVerify with flashlight and magnification as required. Ensure sufficient cleaning.
# of HolidaysExamination performed with low or high voltage holiday detection tool at a voltage determined by coating type and thickness.
Application ErrorsCheck for runs, uneven thickness, fisheyes, lack of adhesion, poor work practices.
Remaining LifeVerify application date and intended life cycle with service, and as found field results.
Insulation CladdingCheck for structural integrity, holes, other damages.
Insulation MaterialVerify if CUI is present, and the overall condition of insulation material.
BandingCheck for tightness and damage.
FastenersVerify the condition of fasteners.
HardwareVerify if all hardware is present and operating.

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