Ultrasonic Examination

Sound waves are transmitted into a material which allows for material characteristics to be determined based on the characteristics of the sound wave as it travels back and forth within the material. Transducer selection and search unit characteristics need to be determined based on the operational history, material characteristics, and intended outcome of the examination.

Certification Requirements:

  • CGSB UT Level 1, 2, and 3.
  • UTComp technician training.

Inspection Outcomes:

  • Thickness and loss rates.
  • Internal defect analysis.
  • Welded joint verification.
  • Compliance with program requirements including CWB 178.1.

Ultrasound in Action:

Transducer and Couplant Selection:

The selection of the proper transducer and coupling is critical to obtaining the most accurate results. The link contains common components to an Ultrasonic examination.


Inspection Requirements:

  • Surfaces cleaning requirements identified.
  • Coatings must be verified.
  • Materials identified.
  • Operating and inspection temperatures verified.
  • Ideal coupling for conditions identified.

Surface Preparation Requirements:

Photo represents pitting exceeding ideal coupling conditions.